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A world with less chronic pain and disability


The purpose of the HHP Foundation is to relieve suffering by treating chronic pain
through global education, training and service.


The Hackett Hemwall Patterson Foundation (HHPF) is a not-for-profit medical foundation that sponsors international service-learning trips. We are dedicated to the treatment of chronic pain using prolotherapy, a regenerative medicine technique. We also sponsor service-learning trips to treat venous disease, leg ulcers and ear, nose and throat diseases.

We strive to be the most respected prolotherapy teaching organization. HHPF partners with the University of Wisconsin to bring together the most espected prolotherapy instructors from around the world to lead our conferences and our servce-learning trips. 


On our service-learning trips to Mexico and Honduras we partner with local groups like the Honduran Red Cross and others to provide prolotherapy training and treatment for underserved patients with chronic pain. We also offer chronic venous disease treatment, leg ulcer management, ear nose and throat surgery, and dental care.  In addition, we dontate supplies to hospitals, elder homes, and elementary schools.

Our Values


Demonstrated by boldly advancing appropriate prolotherapy use for people
affected by chronic pain.


Demonstrated by our academic diligence, on-going research pursuits and
service-oriented approach to prolotherapy medical training.


Demonstrated by our commitment to advancing both the academic and
practical application of prolotherapy through procedural standardization and research with our worldwide academic partners.


Demonstrated by our dedication to nonprofit teaching, service and medical care.


Demonstrated by our domestic and international partnerships which
collaborate to support our service-learning trips and research endeavors.


Demonstrated by our uncompromised commitment to treating all patients struggling with chronic pain with empathy and compassion.


Join us on our next

*Prerequisites Required

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Mexico 2025
Service Learning Trip

Prolotherapy January 4-11
Veins January 4-11

Registration opens 9/1/24

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Honduras 2025
Service Learning Trip

Prolotherapy March 7-15

Veins March 14-22    

ENT March 14-22

Support Service Learning Trips

Make a difference in the world.

Hackett Hemwall Paterson Foundation is a Tax Exempt 501 (c)3 organization as approved by the Internal Revenue Service. Accordingly Contributions to the Foundation are fully deductible subject to any limitations that apply to your tax situation. 

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