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A Humanitarian Journey in Regenerative Medicine

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Eric joined the Hackett Hemwall Patterson Foundation (HHPF) on a service learning trip to Honduras in March 2019—he celebrated his birthday there (right). For over 50 years, the Madison-based organization has been conducting trips, some with as many as 80 doctors and other healthcare professionals, to treat impoverished people suffering from chronic pain and other debilitating conditions. A notable treatment they provide is one known as prolotherapy. HHPF has long been at the forefront of research into this little- known, but long-established medical treatment method, which can be “truly life-changing for patients, says Eric. He describes it as “an innovative and elegant medical injection procedure that harnesses the body’s repair system to heal chronic injuries and regenerate tissues—truly life-changing for patients.” As an Executive Board member of the HHPF’s training arm (International Association for Regenerative Therapies, or IART), Eric is passionate about the cause of advancing the field of regenerative orthopedics and prolotherapy, which he also makes available to his own patients at Medical Procedures of Wisconsin. Witnessing the profound impact on patients’ lives, HHPF and IART are committed to pushing the boundaries of regenerative medicine and making a difference in healthcare worldwide. Learn more about these non-profit service organizations at and View attached PDF √

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