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Dr. David Rabago Establishes the University of Wisconsin Prolotherapy Education & Research Lab (UW PEARL)

Since 2004, the Hackett Hemwall Patterson Foundation hosts an annual HHPF  Prolotherapy Research Symposium (usually in October) at the University of Wisconsin, Madision.  This meeting brings together clinicians, clinical researchers and basic scientists interested in prolotherapy research and related injection therapies to present completed or ongoing studies with the goal of facilitating a high level of understanding of current research in treating musculoskeletal conditions and chronic pain and to stimulate further work among and between researchers, clinicians and other attendees.

In 2005, Dr. David Rabago, a colleague of Dr. Jeff Patterson, and a family medicine physician and researcher formerly at the University of Wisconsin, Madision, established the Univeristy of Wisconsin Prolotherapy Education and Research Lab (UW PEARL) to promote prolotherapy research, education and collaboration with national and international colleagues. Dr. Rabago is now faculty at Penn State Unniversity. We have fortunate to have him as past president of the HHP Foundation.

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Additional Studies

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