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Mexico 2025
Service Learning Trip

Prolotherapy January 4-11
Veins January 4-11

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Honduras 2025
Service Learning Trip

Prolotherapy March 7-15

Veins March 14-22    

ENT March 15-22

Registration opens 9/1/24



HHPF has been sponsoring annual chronic venous disease care and prolotherapy service-learning trips to Honduras since 1969.  We work with the Honduran Red Cross to set up and run medical clinics in three cities: La Ceiba, Tela and Olanchito. Physicians and volunteers from all over the globe collaborate to treat more than 2500 patients each year during the three-week mission. In 2007, HHPF began offering annual service-learning trips in Guadalajara, Mexico.  Many physicians and volunteers from many countries treat more than one thousand patients each year during the one-week trip. The HHPF trips brings communities together to provide much needed medical services to the underserved. HHPF has trained physicians in prolotherapy from more than thirty countries, and our physicians have gone on to create prolotherapy organizations in their own countries, such as the European School of Prolotherapy (ESP).  They have also introduced prolotherapy to other US medical associations, including the American Academy of Orthopedic Medicine (AAOM).


Prolotherapy, Vein care, ENT, Donations, Treatment & Training 


The Hackett Hemwall Patterson Foundation (HHPF), founded in1969, is a nonprofit service organization that provides medical care and supplies to people in underserved communities.  We sponsor service-learning trips to Honduras and Mexico where our physicians and volunteers partner with local communities to fulfill our mission to alleviate pain and suffering.

HHPF provides high-quality care for vein disease, ear, nose, and throat (ENT) surgical care; and prolotherapy regenerative injections for musculoskeletal disorders and chronic pain. We also deliver medical and school supplies to underserved communities of Honduras.   HHPF doubles as an educational organization that provides state-of-the-art medical training to physicians around the world for vein care and prolotherapy. 

Together with our  sibling organization, the International Association for Regenerative Therapy (IART), and our affiliates at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, we host an annual prolotherapy medical conference that provides state-of-the-art prolotherapy injection technique teaching.

Learn from global experts, 

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Treat thousands of patients with chronic venous disease using vein sclerotherapy.  Guadalajara, Mexico and 3 cities in Honduras.  

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 Prolotherapy service learning trips to Mexico and Honduras provide nonsurgical, non-opioid treatment for chronic pain and disability. Prolotherapy is an evidence-based procedure that utilizes injections of solutions that stimulate the body’s natural healing processes.

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HHPF ear, nose, and throat (ENT) volunteer physicians travel to Honduras each year to perform life-changing surgeries for underserved Hondurans. 

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Our foundation accepts donations of medical equipment, household and school supplies year-round. Every January in Madison, Wisconsin, volunteers gather to pack the donations into a shipping container to be delivered to the underserved communities of Honduras.


HHPF service-learning trips provide chronic vein disease treatment and prolotherapy 

regenerative injections to relieve chronic pain in underserved countries. HHPF also hosts ENT service trips, offering surgeries to  treat various ear nose and throat conditions.

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HHPF prolotherapy and chronic vein disease treatment service-learning trips and training programs are designed to serve the community as well as equip healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills to safely treat patients.  

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HHPF is committed to helping underserved communities through our service-learning trips. HHPF provides much needed medical care and supplies to patients, hospitals, senior homes, and shools in Honduras.


HHPF accepts donations year-round. Every January volunteers gather in Madison, Wisconsin to  pack and organize donations of medical equipment, household and school supplies into shipping container to be delivered to Honduras for distribution to our partner communities. 

News & Updates

Our latest HHPF blog posts provides information about our organization and upcoming educational opportunities.

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