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A nurse at Los Alamos National Lab brings her skills — and heart — to help in Honduras

SEPTEMBER 27, 2023

For 15 years, Shannon Griffin has volunteered to give free medical care to Hondurans, and this year she shared that experience with her son

An occupational health nurse at Los Alamos National Laboratory, Shannon Griffin first traveled to Olanchito, Honduras, in 2006. She’d come to the town of 100,000 people as the only nurse on a team of doctors that had volunteered to provide free medical care to residents. Shannon figured they’d help a few dozen families and then be on their way. But after the team set up inside a clinic, Shannon opened the door to the courtyard and saw men, women and children camped outside and a line that wrapped around the block.

“There were people from across all of northern Honduras,” Shannon said.

“Everyone comes back with a feeling that’s almost indescribable, except to say that it’s nice to do something that’s not for yourself.”

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